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St. Paul Lawyer For Orders Of Protection

Family law issues can often be delicate ones. Because of the very personal nature of divorce, child custody and property division, emotions may run high. It may be difficult for some people in St. Paul to let go of their previous relationship, and this can lead to situations where a line is crossed from a mere annoyance into intrusion and harassment.

When people feel they are in danger from a former partner,
they may seek an order of protection. This is not limited to
ex-spouses, however; a former boyfriend or even an acquaintance could exhibit the sort of behavior that could lead to a request for a protective order.

Don't Risk Going It Alone With Something So Important

People who fear that they are at risk might be tempted to handle the situation themselves. It is often in their best interests, however, to work with an attorney in these matters. Time is of the essence in many of these cases, but that does not mean it is worth it to skip contacting a lawyer in the interest of time. My hours are flexible and I will work with you to make sure your needs are met when the situation is dire.

An order of protection generally offers more protection than a restraining order. It requires that you have been harmed or have a fear of being harmed, and you may need to provide testimony. It makes sense to have an attorney who is accustomed to court procedures and legal filings to help make sure you are taken care of.

Don't hesitate to seek immediate help if you are in danger.
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