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The fallout from a divorce can be wide-ranging. Aside from major lifestyle changes, divorcing parents also have to confront financial realities. In many cases, there is a component of child support that is agreed, or ordered, to be paid by one parent to the other.

While this is fairly standard, it might seem like an undue burden to some St. Paul parents. They may worry that if they are forced to take a new job that pays less than what they were accustomed to earning, for example, they will be unable to meet their obligations.

Learn What Child Support Modification Options You Might Have

At my law firm, E Murphy Law Offices, PLLC, I often work with divorced parents who are having issues related to their child support. People might assume that a parent who is struggling to pay the amount prescribed by the court to be irresponsible or a deadbeat parent. Much of the time, however, these parents may be making a good-faith effort but just can't get the numbers to work. Having an attorney to work with you on your case is an excellent way to show the courts that you are serious about finding a solution to your predicament.

The courts are not unreasonable in these kinds of situations.
If the circumstances are exceptional in some way, a change to the amount — up or down — might be warranted. There are several factors at play that could give a parent some relief, either temporarily or in the long term, from his or her financial obligations.

As an experienced family lawyer, I can work with parents who are experiencing child support issues. Call me today to schedule a free consultation at 651-447-7069. You can also complete my online contact form.

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